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New Technologies for the Last Frontier

We live in a rapidly changing world, where things many of us never thought possible are rapidly becoming reality. Many of the advances have to do with the new families of materials available to us, and other advances are process driven. The world which we are living in has a new mantra – if you can dream it, we can build it. Special fibers are making it possible to make things stronger and lighter than ever before. (this is commonly being called “lightweighting”). Processes like infusion and RTM are changing our workplaces – making them more user friendly and healthy for those who work in them, and making it possible to increase through put with less material. Finally, new technologies such as additive manufacturing (otherwise known as 3D printing) are not only making rapid prototyping more feasible, but are completely revolutionizing manufacturing as we see things like whole automobiles being printed in under 40 hours. The new world is here – and we here at DCS want to help others to reach in and utilize these advances to change the way we are doing things.

We are an Alaskan company seeking to further the role of composites in the technological solutions specific to the Alaskan environment. Whether we are designing, prototyping and helping to implement new technologies, training workforces and consulting how to increase productivity through existing shop spaces, or bringing new materials into the composites work place, we strive to bring the best solutions to our clients in their pursuit of breakthrough technologies.

Services Provided

  • Research, Design, and Advanced Prototyping  (R&D)
  • Manufacturing, Process and Workplace Consulting (Consulting)
  • Distribution of ProSet Epoxy, and MTI hose, valves and in mold coating by German Advanced Composites. (Distribution)

Industries Served

  • Aircraft, Marine, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Architecture and Construction
  • Also on a smaller scale – Gunsmiths, Sled Builders, Recreation and Frontier Industries

Your dreams are made of composite materials……