Design & Projects

Client: USGS

Project – Design and Prototyping of new Subdermal Anchoring System

DCS was recently contracted by USGS to create a new design for a subdermal anchoring system of the GPS transmitters being used for tracking Walrus migration patterns in the Chukchi Sea. For this endeavor DCS partnered with Alaska Dynamics team met USGS scientists and considered several different designs, tested them, settled on 2 and built prototypes, finally advancing a design which was manufactured using direct metal laser sintering (3D printing)  DCS and Alaska Dynamics are currently working on the 2nd phase of this project.

Client: Brice/Kennedy Petroleum Recovery LLC

Project – Design and Prototyping of Collection Device for Oil Spill Recovery

DCS was recently retained by Brice Kennedy to assist in design and construction of composite collectors to be utilized in their oil spill recovery systems. After a final collector design is certified, DCS will help to set up the manufacturing capabilities and train the work force in work with advanced composite materials and production techniques.

Client: CAC Plastics LLC

Project – Consulting and training of CAC personnel to implement Vacuum Infusion Process in Manufacturing

CAC Plastics has brought DCS onboard to assist in moving to more modern manufacturing processes at their facilities in Wasilla AK. DCS is currently assisting CAC acquire all of the materials to make a transition to vacuum infusion technology. DCS will be training CAC personnel in the vacuum infusion process, and making recommendations on how to lightweight the products produced while retaining their strength and robustness.

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